PrivMX Technical Docs


PrivMX was born in 2017 as a set of libraries for creating client-server applications with increased data security. Its architecture is a combination of zero-knowledge servers, client-side encryption, secure communication protocol and independent public key infrastructure. PrivMX is based on and inspired by TLS, IMAP, PGP, CONIKS and Bitcoin technologies, and use proven algorithms such as AES, ECC, ECDH, SRP, PBKDF2, HMAC-SHA256. After some experiments with PrivMX WebMail product, we created a company (PrivMX B.V.) to develop the PrivMX project further and make it independent. PrivMX has been developed by PrivMX B.V. as a client-server team collaboration system since 2019. Our motivation.

PrivMX desktop client

PrivMX Desktop is an Electron-based, multi-platform and multi-window application with open source code. It provides you and your team with a set of interconnected tools that use e2e encryption to all your data, not only messages. You can download ready-to-use installers from the main website, and here you can additionally:

PrivMX mobile client

coming soon :)

PrivMX Team Server

PrivMX Team Server can be installed on any Debian-based Linux machine with at least 2GB of RAM. There are two ways of doing this:

If you want to use video conferencing with your team, then you should install also

Your team server domain name (and some other things) should be configured in

Additional server topics: